codicill   ultimate disposition without appointment of an heir
conferieren   in case of splitting the inheritance to compensate what the testator during his lifetime dedicated to a future heir in advance
corrobieren   to corroborate
curator   assistance appointed by the testator or by another person
Disposition   Verfügung
disposito paterna inter liberos   disposition by the father about how his decendants should distribute the assets among themselves
Donation   donation
eiusdem   on the same day
excludieren   to exclude sb. from succession
fidei commissum   disposition of the testator, that an heir has to hand over assets under predetermined conditions or on a given date to another person
in aedibus domini praesidis consulis   in the (acting) mayor’s house
in curia   in city court
Intension   intention
petitum   petition, request
Praetension   pretension
rite   regularly, in accordance with the regulations
Solennisation   solemnization, certification, verification