Baptisms St. Petri cathedral

Created by members of the MAUS

This database contains the evaluated baptismal registers of the St. Peters cathedral from 1669 to 1811 with a gap from 1733 to 1749. The cathedral was the only Evangelic Lutheran, whereas the other churches were evangelic reformed. The christening data were supplemented with marriage dates of the parents. Occasionally the dates of death were also added. Because of different diction, some names and family names can be found in varying representations since they weren’t always linked.

Altogether this database gives an overview of the Lutherans that lived in Bremen during the stated period. The gap mentioned above may be partially closed by a baptismal register, which has been conducted since 1746. The book was long lost and has not been evaluated. It’s now located in the working space of the MAUS only available on microfiche, just as a baptismal book from 1645 to 1668. The data of the oldest baptism register can be found in the work space of the MAUS (not in the database). Note that some families baptized their children in different churches when one of the parents was Evangelic Lutheran and the other Evangelic reformed.