Pedigrees of the civil status department and the civil registry office from 1824 to 1933

Recorded by Heike and Klaus Falldorf for the “MAUS”

In this search index you can find 16128 Pedigrees that were created by the civil status department from 1824 to 1933 and later by the civil registry office. Heike and Klaus Falldorf recorded them in an alphabetical index.

Even though the execution and completion of the pedigrees is completely different you can normally find following data:
• Number of the pedigree
• Name of the husband and his profession
• Parents of the husband and the father’s profession
• Name of the wife
• Parents of the wife and the father’s profession
• Other spouse
• Names of the children, sometimes even their spouses
In addition birth, marriage and death dates as well as volume, page and number of the original Entries from the civil registry are listed in separated columns. The pedigrees are available as microfiche and are visible in the MAUS’ workroom.

Dr. Heinrich von Spreckelsen wrote an elaborate essay: „Über einst in Bremen amtlich erstellte Familienstammtafeln“.