Stammrollen – Stadtmilitär

The “Stammrollen” of the “Stadtmilitär Bremen” are stored under the signature 2–ad R.5.d.18 In the State archive Bremen. Since the middle ages Bremen used mercenaries’ in times of war. At the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War Bremen decided to hire foot soldiers and cavaliers. 1619 the army force was 300, 1623 600. The number was then fluctuating. The supervision belonged to four warlords of the council and four “Schottherren” of the citizenry. The “Stadtmilitär” mostly consisted of poor people that needed extra supply. Only a few citizens were among them. 1622 – 1744 there were 3 companies with about 200 men each. The supreme command belonged to a colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel and in one case to a major general. The companies were led by captains. From 1744 to 1802 there were 6 weaker companies, 1805 there were 3. Every company had a flag. Muskets and pikes served as armament. But there were also grenadiers with grenade launchers, pyrotechnics’ and artillerists. The uniforms were red and white.