We are organized purely on a voluntary basis and have many tasks to fulfil. We operate

  •      an office in the Bremen State Archives
  •      a large specialist library
  •      a website with many databases
  •      a Facebook group
  •      an internal mailing list

We are partners of

  •      Bremen State Archives
  •      German Association of Genealogical Associations (DAGV)
  •      International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP)

We offer our members

  •      Access to internal databases
  •      lots of help with your own research
  •      intensive personal exchange
  •      indexing projects
  •      an internal mailing list
  •      lectures
  •      hands-on projects

and free access to our office

  •      FamilySearch Affiliate Library
  •      Archion
  •      Ancestry
  •      MyHeritage
  •      Weser Kurier Archive
  •      Family history folders
  •      Special library / church book copies

Only our busy members enable us to successfully continue the large voluntary network of MAUS. That's why we would be happy if YOU got involved!

Have we sparked your interest? Then go here to

Online membership application.